Maine-ly Apples

346 Moosehead Trail (Route #7), Dixmont, ME 04932 | (207) 234-2043

2023 Prices

½ Bushel - $25  |  1 Peck - $12.50
     (approx. $1.25 per pound)

½ Bushel Basket - $35  |  1 Peck Basket - $20.
     Baskets can be reused on a future visit.

apples in various containers


We offer 12 varieties for pick-your-own throughout the season, as each variety ripens.

For liability reasons we do not allow pets in the orchard; however, pets are welcome on our one mile nature trail.

Picking your own apples

Picking your own apples is a great family experience and a Maine tradition.

At Maine-ly Apples we offer pick your own on many varieties as they ripen during the season. Our trees are all semi-dwarf (approximately 10 feet tall) and require no ladders for picking. These size trees make it very convenient for children and families to pick apples easily.

We supply plastic peck or half bushel bags for your picking convenience. The prices for all of our options are displayed on the photo above. We also offer four-wheeled garden carts to make transporting your apples easier.

Whether you've been coming to Maine-ly Apples for years, or this is your first time, we promise that you will enjoy picking your own at our orchard.

Pick Your Own Tips

Many of our customers have been visiting us for years and are pros at picking their own apples; however, if you're new to this activity, here are some things to do and look for when picking your own apples:

  1. Look for the reddest or ripest apples; these are the ones that are exposed to the most sun light.
  2. Take your time. Even the most experienced picker has to do some searching to find the ripest apples.
  3. A ripe apple will roll off in your hands by lifting it up or with a slight twist.
  4. Don't pick with your finger tips but rather use your palm or whole hand.
  5. Pulling hard on the apples will leave fingerprints and will cause the apples to bruise and become soft in those places.
  6. Be gentle. Dropping apples in your bucket or box will cause bruising and shorten the storage life of an apple.

Storing your apples

One of the best ways to store your apples is in a refrigerator. Apples like high humidity, but low (not freezing) temperatures. Apple also need air flow, so if you are storing them in a root cellar or cold storage, then a wooden crate or basket with slats is a perfect option. Some of the later apple varieties can be stored for months and will retain their crispiness and flavor. Be sure to rotate your apples in storage and discard of any bruised or softening apples.