Maine-ly Apples

346 Moosehead Trail (Route #7), Dixmont, ME 04932 | (207) 234-2043

Dixmont Mountain Cider Company

photo of mainely apples buildings


At Maine-ly Apples we make our own cider on-site under the brand of the Dixmont Mountain Cider Company. We make our cider from picked, washed, ripe, sound apples. We use a blend of varieties to ensure great tasting, aromatic cider. We never add sweeteners or preservatives, so you are guaranteed to get the purest, cleanest, all natural cider possible.

We have a brand new, all stainless steel press. Our cider is also pasteurized using a state of the art, ultraviolet (UV) process. While this process is as effective as other forms of pasteurization, it doesn't alter the taste in the way that heat pasteurization does. We also package our cider in brand new, plastic containers. The cider is refrigerated to 36° immediately after bottling. The result is great tasting cider that you can feel confident while drinking.

Our cider is available in half gallon and gallon sizes at our farm stand from the beginning of September until we close at the end of October. You can also find our cider at local stores through Christmas.

Please contact us about bulk orders (over 5 gallons) or orders for winter storage (cider can be frozen for up to 6 months with absolutely no change in the taste).

photo of apple cider containers in a cooler