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This Year's Apple Varieties

Maine-ly Apples has 1645 apple trees and 27 pear trees. We grow 48 different varieties of apples, which range from the Maine favorite McIntosh to antique British cider apples as well as classic English desert apples and all the latest popular varieties that can be grown in Maine such as the Honeycrisp and Snowsweet. The varieties that are in production for this year are listed below by their approximate picking dates. Clicking on a variety name will open a description in a new window.

Please keep in mind that not all varieties ripen at the same time. See our homepage and our pick your own page for the varieties currently available in our farm stand and for pick your own. pick your own when in season.

Upcoming Varieties (not yet in production)

young apple tree

We also have some young plantings of top rated European and American cider apples that we will be using to make our own specialty ciders:

New Plantings

New Plantings 2016

Apple Suggestions

Sometimes you just feel like something different. Here are some suggestions for our newer varieties based on some perennial favorites.