Maine-ly Apples

346 Moosehead Trail (Route #7), Dixmont, ME 04932 | (207) 234-2043

Commissioner's Award for Entrepreneurial Excellence

Maine-ly Apples is a 2018 winner of the Commissioner of Agriculture's Award for Entrepreneurial Excellence.

On September 14th the Commissioner of Agriculture, Walt Whitcomb visited and presented us with the Commissioner's Award for Entrepreneurial Excellence. Here is he with owners, John and Elaine Olsen.

three people standing in front of a sign


Maine Apple Sunday

Sunday, September 9th, was Maine Apple Sunday 2018.

It was a beautiful day and a great time.

people eating lunch outside


hay wagon


people on hay wagon


tent with free samples



Courtney Cortright of WABI 5 news visited us on September 5 to talk about the orchard and Maine Apple Sunday.

You can see the interview on the WABI 5 website and a behind the scenes photo below.

woman being interviewed in the orchard


First customers

Our first customers of the year! Verna and Ray Nelson from Carmel. Enjoy your pickles and salsa.

two customers


Officially summer

The orchard has been loving this warm weather combined with a healthy amount of rain.

The apples are starting to develop, and the trees look full and healthy. We have been hard at work keeping up with grass mowing, fence maintenance, bird house building, and various other tasks around the orchard. We will be seeing you all in a few short months. In the meantime, enjoy your summer!

developing apples on the trees


apple trees


apple trees


apple trees



Spring has sprung in Dixmont.

The orchard is now in full bloom, which is right on schedule for this time of the year. We recently brought in some pollinators, and along with our own bees, the warm sunny days have been truly beneficial.

This afternoon we did have a brief storm come through the area, and the rain too is helpful for the trees. We are very pleased with the blossoms this year and are looking forward to a wonderful summer.

apple trees with blossoms


apple trees with blossoms


apple trees with blossoms with a bee


apple trees with blossoms


bee hives


Spring planting time

We planted quite a few new trees this spring to expand our product line and do to some replacements for storm and wind damaged trees.

The pictures shown are of us planting Red Rubens trees that we got from VanWell nursery in Wenatchee Washington. They are a new Italian cross of Gala and Elstar that combines intense apple flavor with a pleasing sweetness. A favorite in Europe is now available in the U.S. by exclusive license. We look forward to having these apples in a few years.

a man planting an apple tree


a womman planting an apple tree


a tractor in a row of newly planted trees


Pruning time in the orchard

Pruning time is here and we will be working every day we can until the end of March.

This is a yearly chore and one that is very important.

men pruning apple trees


a man pruning apple trees


a man pruning apple trees