Maine-ly Apples

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Maine Apple Sunday 2017

Thank you for joining us for Maine Apple Sunday.

It was a wonderful day and it was great to see all our customers – both repeats and new! A special thanks to Mike and Judy Dann, Dale Hustus, Carolyn Munster, and the Dixmont Fire Rescue crew. Here are some fun photos of the day.

tables set up for lunch


people operating antique cider press


haywagon with people on it


man playing guitar


Now open!

Maine-ly Apples is now open for the 2017 season. We are open every day from 10am to 5pm.

bags of apples in the farm stand


We now have our very own honey in 12oz and 1lb containers.

jars of honey


shelves of products in the farm stand


We are looking forward to seeing everyone for our 34th season!

First customer

Here is Pete Graham from Lincoln with his William's Pride apples. Mr. Graham was our first official apple customer of the 2017 season.

man holding a bag of apples



Over the past couple of years we have been building up a collection of bee hives.

Last year the drought didn't allow the bees to make enough honey for themselves and for us, but this year they did. Today we extracted 115 pounds of honey. It was really fun and we are looking forward to having you all try some this fall. Here are some photos of the process.

2 people collecting honey from bee hives


interior of hive


man removing honey from frame


placing honey in the extractor


honey pouring out of the extractor



Below are some photos of the orchard from mid-August as well as a few of a recent storm.

row of apple trees with apples


apples tree with apples


apples on a tree


apples on a tree


storm clouds over the orchard


storm clouds over the orchard


Early summer

After a long wet cold spring we are getting some warm sunnier days and the orchard is greening up and the leaves are growing.

The little apples are starting to form and hopefully the growing season will be good.

apple trees


small apples on a tree


apple trees



The orchard is in bloom as you can see by our latest pictures. This certainly is a great time to be among the trees, both for us and the bees. The prettiest time of the year for sure, smells great too.

apple trees in bloom


apple trees in bloom


a bee on an apple bloom


More spring plantings

Earlier this spring John Bunker, the guiding force behind the Maine Heritage Orchard at the MOFGA site came to our orchard with his assistant Laura Sieger on snowshoes to gather scion wood (cuttings) from our heirloom trees to graft onto their rootstock. This was for the propagation of new trees for both the Heritage Orchard and the Fedco trees that are sold every spring to customers throughout the state.

On Friday, May 5th we got 20 new trees from the Fedco sale of heirloom varieties that we don't have yet. Most of the trees were on John Bunker's recommendation and some were from trees unique to Maine.

We have included pictures of the plantings of those trees with our power augur and plain old handwork. Casey and John did the plantings but more and more the care and nurturing of these trees are the responsibility of Casey, Emily, and their two boys.

In a few years there will be a good selection of antique and heirloom apples to try. Remember that everybody has McIntosh but we'll have Canadian Strawberry apples and Windham Russets and much much more.

man standing with tractor


man operating auger


men planting apple trees


men planting apple trees


Spring plantings

We are expanding our Heirloom Apple collection with some different varieties and also planting more of the types we have that people enjoyed.

We plant with an auger on the tractor but there has been so much rain that that the holes fill up with water very quickly. It is not easy working in all the mud so we are looking forward to dry warm weather so we can broadcast the spring lime. Calcium is the key for crispy apples and the trees really need it every year.

apple trees in a box


man operating auger


man planting apple tree


man and woman planting apple tree


tractor with wagon and water container


February update

It is pruning time in the orchard and we spend most days there shaping up the trees and cleaning out the sucker growth.

We are accompanied every day by a large flock of robins who are feeding on the dropped apples that didn't get cleaned up last fall. In the last picture you can see some of them as they hop around on the ground. We have been taking care of these trees in the winter for over 30 years and this is the first time that robins have been here so early.

woman pruning apple trees


woman pruning apple trees


man and woman with pruning equipment


row of pruned apple trees


birds amongst prunings