The process of making cider at Maine-ly Apples

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Step 1: Start with fresh picked, washed, clean apples

Apples in boxes

Step 2: The apples are loaded onto the conveyor, ground into pulp, and then collected in nylon cloths

Apples being loaded onto conveyor Apples on conveyor Chute below grinder Ground apples Cider cloth

Step 3: New sanitary jugs are prepared

Labels being put on jugs Empty cider jugs

Step 4: Cloths are stacked 7 high, then moved under the hydraulic press

Stacked apple cloths Ground apples under the press

Step 5: The cloths containing the ground apples are pressed with 2300 pounds of pressure and cider pours into a holding tank

Apples being pressed Appels being pressed Cider flowing into catch basin

Step 6: The raw cider is pumped through a top-of-the-line UV pasteurizer

Storage tank UV pasteurizer

Step 7: The cider is bottled by hand and then stored in the cooler, set at a continuous 36° F

Jugs being filled Cider in the cooler

Step 8: After all the cider is made, the press is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized, ready for the next pressing

Cleaning the press Pumice Cleaning the press

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