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It is mid-summer and the apples are starting to get some size. The harsh winter and some pollination problems in the spring because of rain and cold affected some of the varieties but some are doing great.

The pictures this time are of the Paulared trees (an early Cortland type) which are just great for applesauce. Those trees have a lot of apples as you can see and we will have them in both pick your own and bagged.

We also took a picture of an Idared tree which come late in the season and are the best winter storage apple. We will have them in pick your own too, of course.

We are also striving to protect all native pollinators and to encourage them to stay here so we leave a bee pasture of wild flowers for them to feed on. The Maine State Beekeepers Association encourages this and we would encourage everyone to leave some wildflowers around the edges to help the bees thrive.

photo of paulared trees
photo of paulared tree
photo of paulared tree
photo of Idared tree
photo of wild flowers
photo of wild flowers

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