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This week at Maine-ly Apples

Our Cortland apples are all picked out and thus no longer available for pick your own. The next available pick your own varieties will be Macoun and Gala. They will be available on Friday, September 26th.

photo of a girl holding a cortland apple
A happy cortland picker last weekend.

The orchard is about 7 to 10 days behind in ripening because of a late spring and cool summer. We will open the other varieties as soon as the ripen. We estimate Macoun and Gala on September 27, Empire and Golden Delicious on October 4, and Idared on October 11.

Unfortunately, we won't be able to open McIntosh this year for pick your own because of tree damage and they really need a year off.

photo of a cortland apple
Photo of Cortland apple by Felicia Kasprzak.

Coming events

Our annual Maine-ly Apples Fall Harvest Day will be held Saturday, October 4 complete with the Rescue Squad BBQ, JoJo's popcorn, carmel apple station, ice cream, musical entertainment, and several varieties open for pick your own. Check our website at the end of September for updates and a schedule of events.


Many of you who have been asking about Honeycrisp apples, below is a preview. They are not ripe and won't be ready for a couple of weeks but they are coming right along. Good size, plentiful, gorgeous and worth waiting for. Our official taster Emily, shown below, will let us know when they are prime.

photo of honeycrisp apples
photo of a honeycrisp apple
photo of a woman holding a honeycrisp apple

We currently have Zestars in our farm stand. If you are not familiar, they are in the Honeycrisp family, only earlier.

photo of a tree with zestar apples

We also have the great tasting Ginger Gold.

photo of a ginger gold tree with apples

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